Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Choice. The problem is... choice."

The following link goes to a clip where Neo and the Oracle discuss free will a little bit:

Now, as far as Existentialism is concerned, we have free will, and this free will has consequences (either good or bad, depending on what you decide to do). Later when Neo speaks with The Architect, we get a fair bit of philosophical thought thrown at us, including consciousness (The Architect also tells him that his consciousness "has been altered") and the theory that the whole world is made of numbers (echoing the Pythagoreans). During this discussion, though, The Architect informs Neo that this is not the first Matrix to exist, nor is Neo the first "anomaly" in the program; at this point the "Neo screens" start yelling stuff like "You can't control me!! You can't make me do anything!", and Neo says "Choice. The problem is... choice." Human beings, even in the Matrix, have free will, and it's this free will that is destroying The Matrix (The Architect tells Neo that the first Matrix was "quite naturally perfect. It was a work of art; flawless, sublime." until people happened in with their free will business).

At the end of their conversation, Neo is faced with two choices: save Zion, or go back to his lady friend and the destruction of all of humanity. Talk about choices with consequences.

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