Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Sisters Keeper

This movie depicts many different philosophical themes.
The first theme is ethics because they engineered a child for the sole purpose of saving their oldest child from cancer. The second theme in this film is ontology, which is showed in two different ways. The first is due to the challenges not only because of the disease, but also because of the legal problems they are faced with. Due to these problems the family starts to break apart, but in the end even though they have had many tribulations they grow stronger as a family. The second problem of ontology that is shown is through Ana because she doesn't really know her purpose in life. The only reason for her birth was to save her sister's life, and that is all she has ever known. The third philosophical theme is the issue of free will. Ana's parents want Ana to continue to give her body parts to her sister, but both Ana and her sister, Kate, refuse to.

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