Thursday, May 5, 2011

Free-will vs. Determinism

Ahh yes yet again the question of freedom. This topic has been brought up many time throughout the course and many time throughout history, but still remains unanswered. With this in light we will give the mystery one more crack using examples from the Film: The Adjustment Bureau. We understand that this film is still very new and will limit the scenes shown to keep from giving away the movie. We will relate the film to philosophical concepts presented by Locke and Spinoza. Spinoza is considered to be on of the great rationalist who held that absolutely everything that happens occurs through the operation of necessity. Locke fabricates concept of the human experience including metaphysics. Locke also speaks about religion and the concept of god and in addition creates concepts about human existence.
The Adjustment Bureau is a movie that suggests free will is limited if not non-existent. For our presentation, we will explore the concepts of free will and determinism as well as ponder whether life today is pre-determined or if we have the choice to determine where our final destination lies. 

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